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Ideal for preschool supplementation, Kindergarten instruction, homeschooling, or tutoring, our K-Reading Kickstart Individual Program offers personalized, one-on-one instruction tailored to young learners' literacy needs, fostering phonological awareness, decoding skills, and comprehension. We combine the best of Montessori strategies with Orton-Gillingham methods to ensure your child has a strong foundation for reading and writing. K-Reading Kickstart offers a full-curriculum in its 491 pages with easy to understand lessons, inexpensive materials, and optional support available. 


Enhance your K-Reading Kickstart Individual  Program with our bonus 'Supplemental Material' book, offering photocopy-ready resources for seamless lesson integration. Remember: Materials are intended for individual use only.

K-Reading Kickstart: Individual Instruction

SKU: 003

Our Individual Program is designed for parents seeking to supplement preschool education, homeschooling families, or tutors working with preschoolers on literacy skills. Through personalized, one-on-one instruction, we nurture phonological awareness, decoding skills, and comprehension, blending multisensory techniques with structured language education to optimize learning outcomes. With flexible pacing and continuous assessment, our program empowers students to progress at their own speed while facilitating early identification of any reading difficulties that may require specialized intervention. No experience necessary: the curriculum lays out exactly what to do! Optional support is available from


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