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The K-Reading Kickstart Group Program combines Montessori strategies with Orton-Gillingham methods, offering a structured approach to early literacy. With a focus on multi-sensory learning, our program identifies individual learning paths, ensuring every child receives tailored instruction. Through three phases of instruction and ongoing assessments, students progress towards grade-level reading readiness, with interventions available for those needing additional support.


Enhance your K-Reading Kickstart Group Program with our bonus 'Supplemental Material' book, offering photocopy-ready resources for seamless lesson integration. Remember: Materials are intended for individual use only.


Join us in kickstarting reading success today!

K-Reading Kickstart: Group Instruction

SKU: 014

The 501 page K-Reading Kickstart Group Program offers a comprehensive approach to early literacy development, blending Montessori strategies with Orton-Gillingham methods. Participants receive a comprehensive curriculum guide, 'K-Reading Kickstart - Group Instruction,' authored by Montessori certified and Certified Academic Language Therapist, Mona Iyer, AMD, CDT, CALT. This book provides a year's worth of content suitable for K-4 classrooms, as well as early intervention and remediation for kindergarten and first-grade students. With detailed lesson plans, reproducible materials, and guidance on instructional techniques, teachers can effectively implement the program to meet the diverse needs of their students. Join us in equipping young learners with the foundational skills needed for reading success!


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